Roger Lee

Roger Lee is a widely travelled, experienced photographer who has been through all the phases of photography over the years – black & white, colour prints, colour transparencies – and who has made the transition to digital and then the complement of smartphones with what he describes as ‘a feeling of complete awe at the endless possibilities’.

He has been taking travel photographs over many years in more than thirty countries overseas. He is now a regular cruise ship speaker on Photography. His South African photographs have been featured regularly in local media.

He is a member of the Photographic Society of South Africa and has LPSSA and APSSA honours.

More importantly, as a trained teacher and business presenter over many years, he brings a wonderful clarity to what can be a complicated and daunting subject. The 'Enjoy Your Camera' course was developed by him to be as logical and easy to follow as possible. All his books and courses are for people who don't want to drown in detail - just take good images. The objective is to try and show each participant how to develop and enjoy their own creativity. The EBook version of the course is very popular -

His new EBook 'The Delight of Smartphone Photography' has been very well received as well as his two new video mini-workshops on Smartphone Photography and Low Light Photography.